Table of contents

FALL 2006-WINTER 2007

“Players and painted stage took all my love”: The Leonard L. Milberg Irish Theater Collection
Shirley M. Tilghman
A Present for Paul
Leonard L. Milberg
In the Beginning: George Farquhar’s First Play, Love and a Bottle
Frank McGuinness
Dion Boucicault, Staging, and Early Cinema
Kevin Rockett
Lost in Translation: Oscar, Bosie, and Salome
Anne Margaret Daniel
Shavian Poetics: Shaw on Form and Content
Michael Goldman
Upstaged: Irish Drama in Irish
Richard P. Martin
Lady Gregory’s Erasures
Colm Tóibín
Lady Gregory: Talking with the Dead
Robert Welch
Lady Gregory’s Bible Lessons: The Deliverer and The Story Brought by Brigit
Abby S. Bender
Designing Women: Women Artists and the Early Abbey Stage
Ann Saddlemyer
The Chanting of Yeats’s Deirdre
Ronald Schuchard
“When we say the world”: Reflections on Sacrifice in Yeats’s Plays
Michael Wood
On Baile’s Strand: W. B. Yeatsâ??s National Epic
Declan Kiberd
Censorship and Self-Censure in the Plays of J. M. Synge
Ben Levitas
The “Folk” and an Irish Theatre: Re-reading J. M. Synge’s The Playboy of the Western World
Lionel Pilkington
New World Drama: Fashioning Irish Theater in Lower Manhattan
John P. Harrington
Sean O’Casey’s The Cooing of Doves: A One-Act Play Rediscovered
Introduced and Edited by Christopher Murray
Red Star versus Green Goddess: Sean O’Casey’s The Star Turns Red and the Politics of Form
Susan Cannon Harris
Writing in Sand: The Dramatic Art of Jack B. Yeats
Wes Davis
Lines for the Centenary of the Birth of Samuel Beckett (1906-1989)
Paul Muldoon
Samuel Beckett
Edward Albee
Beckett and the Representation of Age on Stage
Christopher Murray
Samuel Beckett’s Theater: Liminal Subjects and the Politics of Perception
Anna McMullan
Join the Game: Playing the Spectator in Waiting for Godot
Kimberley Bohman-Kalaja
The Afterlife of The Quare Fellow
Colbert Kearney
Irish Drama and the Occlusion of Influence
Nicholas Grene
Faith Healer Comes to New York
Brian Friel
Speaking of Translations: A Conversation with Garry Hynes and Emily Mann
Stewart Parker, Belfast Playwright
Marilynn Richtarik
Homosexualizing the Troubles: A Short Query into Two Derry Airs by Frank McGuinness
Michael Cadden
“Talk about the play!”: An Interview with Stephen Rea
Cormac Ó Duibhne
Brand Abbey
Patrick Mason
A Personal View of Theater
Thomas Kilroy
The Strange Genius in the Abbey Orchestra
Colm Tóibín
Being Afraid to Breathe
Ronan Noone
Tom Murphy and the Continuous Past
Billy Roche
Tom Mac Intyre: Border Country Bandit
Tom Hickey
Lies and More Lies
Sebastian Barry
Rhetoric and Silence in Six Plays by Sebastian Barry
Murray Biggs
Violence, Storytelling, and Irish Aesthetics: A Theatergoer’s Guide to Martin McDonagh
Michael Cadden
Love and Loneliness: Secular Morality in the Plays of Conor McPherson
Christopher A. Grobe
Character, Writing, and Landscape in Woman and Scarecrow and Other Plays by Marina Carr
Cathy Leeney
Phaedra Backwards: Excerpts from a New Play by Marina Carr
Introduced by Emily Mann
Cover Note
Michael Cadden